Why Choose Us?

There are several compelling reason why you joining our Website Certification programme:

1. Method of certification: Our certification procedure strikes a happy balance between an easy registration and validation process and a thorough verification of the antecedents of the website owner/operator. Validation is not just a question of your signing up and handing over our fees. While the initial sign up is a simple process that will take a few minutes, the complete verification of the identity, location and antecedents of the applicant is carried out after this.

2. Credibility with your visitor: Today’s online consumers are aware and well informed. Your visitors will discern the difference between a competitor website which has not been independently validated, or whose certification only offers partial details and your own website, whose complete details have been verified by us.

3. Independent Mediation: Availing of our mediation services benefits you in two ways. Firstly, this encourages your visitors to do business with you, knowing that they have an easy means of redressal incase of a dispute. In addition to this, you offer yourself a first line of defence to address disputes, as opposed to your customers initiating a more stringent form of recourse, from the outset, in the event of a dispute.

4. Balanced approach to addressing complaints: We provide a balanced form of mediation, favouring neither one side nor the other. We work on a presumption of innocence, where a member is considered to be innocent until proven otherwise. Although previous history and repeated complaints against a particular website are factored in during mediation. We do not follow a, 'Strike Three - Your Out', policy, where members are ejected after a certain number of complaints. All members are given ample opportunity to rectify mistakes and put their points of view across.

5. Attractive prices: While we don’t claim that out prices are, ‘Dirt Cheap’, we do offer very attractive prices in relation to the services we provide and the increase in revenues you should experience.