These are some basic, but useful website promotion tips.

Web site promotion techniques.
  1. Research and Analyse your Keywords/Key phrases Carefully:
    This is an often overlooked, but extremely important factor, whilst promoting your website. Almost all your other website promotion strategies should be built around this factor. The keywords you think are relevant to your website may be very different from those that the majority of your target audiences use in their search queries. Use a reliable keyword analysis tool, such as Word Tracker or Overture to identify keywords relevant to your site.
  2. Give your Website a Professional Look:
    Use a clean, aesthetically appealing web design. If your site looks amateurish, visitors will not be inclined to make purchas+es. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or page loading errors. Your web pages should also be cross browser friendly, not everyone uses the same browser. Displaying your Website Certification Seal and Certificate helps to identify your site as being professional and reliable, as obtaining a website certificate requires a certain degree of professionalism.
  3. Page Content: Use original, quality content:
    Your visitors have little to judge you on and your content is one of the most obvious things they will be looking at. Your copy should be clear, concise, convincing and incorporate the keywords you wish to promote your website for.
  4. Use Offline and Online Website Promotion Techniques:
    Don't rely solely on the Internet to promote your website. Also consider traditional off line promotion measures too, such as, press releases, articles, news features, promotional gifts, even good old word of mouth. Essentially any legitimate, even unconventional means of getting your website's message out there.
  5. Optimise your Page Code:
    Use the identified keywords in the title tags on your WebPages, however try and ensure that each Webpage has a unique title and description. Place your keywords in , , 'alt' etc tags in your page code, to lay emphasis on them.