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Merchant - Customer Commitment & Membership Criteria.

All accredited WebsitePromotek members commit to adhering to the following seven business practices whilst conducting business online:

1. To always display correct and accurate information on their websites.
2. To never misuse any customer information collected during the course of business or transfer such details to third parties without explicit prior authorisation.
3. To promptly attend to all customer complaints and to always act in my customers' best interests.
4. To disclose all pertinent business information and to not intentionally provide any misleading information.
5. To abide by our stated online 'Privacy Policy'.
6. To disclose any change of circumstance or disclose any fact that may be relevant to a customer's business decision.
7. To abide by all customer complaint redressal decisions, agreed upon through

The above commitment is in addition to the, 'Good Business Practices' pledge that all member also take. In order to obtain WebsitePromotek Membership a website must fulfill the following criteria:

1. The website must have a valid correspondence address.
2. Must be able to provide acceptable proof of identity of the owners.
3. Must have a valid e-mail address.
4. Must display a valid online privacy policy.
5. Must agree to comply with the above '' 'Merchant - Customer' commitment.

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