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FAQs About Internet Marketing through Website Validation.

1. What is Websitepromotek website certification?
Websitepromotek certification programme is a means of providing independent, third party verification of your identity and credentials as a genuine and reliable website. This is a website promotion effort aimed at significantly increasing online sales and subscription conversions, by distinguishing your website as authentic and safe. Displaying the Websitepromotek graphic seal, provides easy visual confirmation of your legitimacy and allows website visitors to view your credentials through a Websitepromotek issued, online certificate.

2. How do I become a Websitepromotek member? (For More Deatils visit, 'How to Apply')
Websitepromotek’s certification of your website is a simple process that any legitimate website can accomplish:
a. Click on, 'Sign Up'.
b. Complete the online application, agree to the terms of the programme and make your payment.
c. We will conduct a preliminary review of your website and application.
d. You are to complete the physical documentation through the printed application that will be sent to you by Registered Air Mail/Post, to the address you provide for your business. This form is to be filled up and returned along with copies of a photographic proof of identity, e.g. Drivers’ License, identity card etc, recent photographs, as well as a proof of address, e.g. utilities bill, of the website owner. If need be, we may ask you to make changes to your contact details given on your website, your site’s ‘About Us’ or ‘Privacy Policy’ WebPages.
e. Integrate the seal code into your WebPages.

3. What will I get from Websitepromotek membership?
Website Certification Seal and Certificate identifies your site as being trustworthy, professionally managed and reliable. Once your website has been appraised, you have completed the Registration process and everything is found to be in order, we will provide you with your Registration Number and the seal code that you are to place in your WebPages. This seal will link to your online certificate, showing your Registration Number and date of registration expiry. In the event of a customer initiated complaint routed through us, against your site, we will mediate in order to find a resolution.

4. Why should I have Websitepromotek on my Web site?
The lack of confidence in the real identity of a website is a major hindrance to the success of a genuine e-commerce website. Websitepromotek’s seal and certification is an extremely effective way of overcoming this barrier to high online sales. Websitepromotek certification converts website visitors into purchasing customers, increases customer satisfaction, volume of repeat orders and builds brand recognition.

5. How much does membership cost?
A one time registration fee is charged on sign-up along with your annual membership fees. Annual membership prices vary according to the number of years you sign up for, with a maximum of three years at a time. Membership charges can be as little as US$6.44 per month.

6. How much work is involved in becoming Websitepromotek?
Certification and maintaining your Websitepromotek membership is easy! Our system follows a procedure that any legitimate website can follow, as nothing out of the ordinary is required. The application will take you less than ten minutes, and most sites receive an approval from us with the Websitepromotek seal and certificate within a matter of a few days.

7. How are consumer complaints handled and reported?
How does Websitepromotek remain objective? If a complaint is lodged against a member site, Websitepromotek will assess if there is a prima faciè cause for complaint. If so, the details will be forwarded to the concerned member, who will be allow to rectify the situation before mediation or offer their explanation, as the case may be. All decisions will take into consideration the facts presented and not arbitrarily.

8. What if a complaint is not legitimate?
All members will be allowed every opportunity to offer their facts. A member who feels a complaint is unfounded/unwarranted will have the chance to offer plausible explanation. A final decision will only be reached after all relevant facts have been considered. Complaints that are frivolous or unreasonable in nature will not be entertained.

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