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The WebsitePromotek Pledge of Good Business Practices.
A commitment to providing honest, fair business service to online customers.

All valid members of the WebsitePromotek Validation and Seal programme have taken a pledge of Good Business Practices, to which they are committed. This pledge reads as follows:

"As a WebsitePromotek member I pledge to the follow good business practices, which include the concepts of honesty, integrity, and quality in business. I also pledge to not willfully conceal or misrepresent any facts or mislead my clients/customers, during the course of any business dealings. I shall stand by my commitments and endeavor to provide the best quality of service to those with whom I conduct business. I will also hold my co-workers, subordinates, supervisors and business associates committed to these same ideals. I shall also make every effort to resolve any disputes with my clients/customers in a mutually agreeable and amicable manner, whilst preserving the interests of all parties concerned."

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