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WebsitePromotek is an independent organisation, whose mission is to promote trust and confidence on the Internet through our Trustworthy Seal & Certification Programmes.

Websitepromotek Trustworthy Seal Programmes allow companies with web sites or web sites involved in internet marketing/e-commerce, to display our trust seals, once they have been reviewed and confirmed to meet the programme requirements. WebsitePromotek supports online business growth, internet marketing and e-commerce, by allowing member web sites to communicate that they follow good customer service practices, that they stand behind their online privacy policy, follow good customer service and internet marketing practices and that they are committed the program requirements, so as to help online consumers know which online businesses/e-commerce web sites they can trust. Our member web sites are validated through an online certificate displaying important information about the concerned web site. This certificate is linked to the trustworthy seal and sites are monitored for their privacy and e-mail policies and general business conduct. Through our mediation services, we also attempt to resolve Consumer initiated disputes.

WebsitePromotek is wholly owned by 'Capital Consultant' who have been involved in web design, e-commerce, website promotion and internet marketing, for the past five years and have experience in establishing and running several successful web sites. WebsitePromotek is managed by a group of professional software, e-commerce and financial experts, who are backed by a competent support crew.

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