Website Certification

Displaying your Website Certification Seal and Certificate identifies your site as being trustworthy, professionally managed and reliable. In addition to this, your potential customers can feel safe in the knowledge they are dealing with an authentic Website that is committed to Websitepromotek's dispute resolution services and will be more inclined to make online purchases from your Website.

Internet fraud and safety issues are a major concerns for most online consumers, validating your website through our Certification Programme can be the single most effective sales promotion step you can take, to promote your website. 'Websitepromotek Certification' indicates a high level of professionalism to customers and clients, increasing your brand value and competitiveness.

Take Online Sales & Subscriptions to the Next Level

Validation of your Website will:

  • Exponentially increase your website's online sales conversions.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction, increasing repeat order revenues and customer referrals.
  • Validate your Website as being authentic, professional and trustworthy.
  • Enhance your brand value and industry recognition.

Distinguish your online business from the many scam companies on the Internet!

Are you losing business because skeptical visitors are unable to verify that you can be trusted as a reliable merchant, with who they can conduct their business?

Signing up for our validation programme is easy and will allow your visitors to confirm that your site has been independently reviewed and certified for it's genuiness! Simply complete the membership application and agree to our Membership Agreement. The application should take you less than ten minutes to complete.

About Us

Website Promotion with WebsitePromotek

Websitepromotek is an independent organisation, whose mission is to promote trust and confidence on the Internet through our Trustworthy Seal & Certification Programmes.